Jordan mixing it with the big boys of international karting

6 December 2014

Border Mail

JORDAN Boys is just 17 but has some pretty big decisions headed his way.

Last weekend the Lavington go-kart driver finished third in the world titles in Spain.

It wasn’t a “Mickey Mouse” world title. This was open-aged drivers looking for a start, auditioning in some ways, for roles in far more lucrative motor sports.

Boys ended up on the podium behind two international professional kart drivers.

The effort was even more meritorious given the circumstances — he was running the kart for the first time and in the rain.

The field started off with 72 competitors, which was reduced through qualifying heats to leave a field of 36, the maximum track capacity.

There were 18 laps, 30 kilometres, for the final and Boys finished about three seconds from the winner.

“I’m not really sure where I go from here yet, this is something that I will go through with my family when we get home, as to what racing I do next year, we will reassess what formulas of racing are available and what is the best option for me,” he said.

“It was very tough competition, my battle up front was with ... European champions and world champions.”